Updates from AEGIS

OSHA Requirements for Security Awareness Training

Situational awareness is one of the greatest skills one can develop through quality situational awareness training. This is especially true when it comes to personal and workplace safety and security. Awareness and the ability to recognize a potential threat can, and oftentimes is, the difference between a positive outcome and tragedy. Teaching these skills to […]

AEGIS Security & Investigations Now Accepts Multiple Forms of Crypto – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite, Doge, etc…

As part of their continuing commitment to be at the forefront of all aspects of business, customer service, consumer trends, and technology; AEGIS Security & Investigations is proud to announce the expansion of their accepted forms of cryptocurrency payments. AEGIS started accepting Bitcoin back in 2014 before the currency was on the mainstream radar. Today […]

Looking for a Private Investigator that Accepts Bitcoin? AEGIS Does.

As the value of Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, soared beyond $40,000 businesses of all kinds are positioning themselves to accept the blockchain currency. AEGIS Security & Investigations is well ahead of this curve. Having purchased piforcoins.com back in 2014, the company has accepted cryptos for private investigation services ever since.  Blockchain and investigations in […]