Contact Tracing

When curren government resources are insufficient to proactively contract trace infections within a business, AEGIS’ private investigators can step in utilizing advanced technology, dataset searches, and our experienced team for private contract tracing operations.

AEGIS’ contact tracing efforts, headquartered in a Los Angeles based global security operations and intelligence analysis center has the capability to provide customers with scaled solutions backed by the latest communication, monitoring, and emergency response technology. We can leverage deployed technological solutions including on-site automated temperature screening tools, monitored access control systems, health screening questionnaires, and rapid deployment of contact tracers if a positive event is triggered.

The first step in utilizing contract tracing services is identifying that a patient has an infectious disease. This is determined either by conducting a specific test with clear results or what has become known as “presumptive positive” based on a questionnaire and presenting symptoms or they were triggered by an on-site test or questionnaire screening. Once a patient is identified, the tracing process can begin.

The second step of implementing contact tracing services are the herculean task of working through an interaction tree starting someone who has tested positive or is experiencing symptoms of an infectious disease or virus. The process involves starting with patient “0” and working your way backwards to those who they have interacted with. The process is time consuming and labor intensive. A single patient can trigger dozens of potential contacts during the infection incubation period.

Contact Tracing Illustration

Contact tracing involves tracking down, interviewing, and isolating people experiencing systems or who are awaiting testing. The reason for this is the deep dive in to individuals’ lives during the period they may have been contagious. If one individual came in contact with 10 people, and those 10 people have come in contact with 10 more people, the contact tracing investigator will have to survey 100 people. The numbers start to add up quickly and become overwhelming to government funded investigators. A recent report from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggested that as many as 100,000 contact trace investigators would need to effectively manage the influx of contact tracing need.

The third step is providing guidance to those who may have been exposed – to either obtain a test for the infectious disease or to self quarantine until the incubation period has passed. This conversation also reinforces the reasoning behind isolation and safer at home restrictions.

The final step is providing a report to the client’s HR department to make informed operational decisions based on the health and safety threats to their workplace.

The immediate major benefit of quickly implementing contact tracing efforts minimizes contact with potentially infected asymptomatic individuals, reducing social and professional contacts interactions, and minimizes the need for a broader contact tracing investigation.

While some governments and private technology companies have aided contract tracing services by utilizing smart phone apps to automatically determine whether someone has been in contact with an infected person, in the United States, use of such apps or technology will almost assuredly be opt in.

In the absence of over taxed public health or government resources, businesses can proactively source the contacts of their own teams by hiring a licensed private investigator to perform contract tracing services. AEGIS Security & Investigations has assembled a team of investigators, medical researchers, public health experts, and medical professionals ready to work with our clients to support their contact tracing goals. We utilize traditional investigative techniques coupled with technology and industry databases to source information for unknown individuals to continue the contact tracing process.

The techniques utilized are rooted in our people locate / skip tracing services coupled with our phone interview expertise. We’re effectively able to identify the appropriate contacts to connect with and elicit informative responses to meet our client’s goals. If you or your business has a need for contract tracing services, request a free consultation today.