About Us

You Can Never Know Too Much

Mission Statement

To identify, meet, and exceed our clients’ security, investigation, training, and consulting expectations.

Our Name

By the late 1960s, the U.S. Navy recognized that reaction time, firepower, and operational availability in all environments did not match the anti-ship missile threat. As a result, an operational requirement for an Advanced Surface Missile System (ASMS) was promulgated and a comprehensive development program was initiated to meet that requirement. ASMS was re-named “AEGIS” in December 1969 after the aegis, the shield of the Greek god Zeus. AEGIS was designed and developed as a complete system, capable of engaging in simultaneous warfare in the air, water, and on land. The heart of the system is an advanced, automatic detect-and-track, multi-function three-dimensional phased array radar known as “the Shield of the Fleet.” The high power Aegis shield is able to perform search, tracking, and missile guidance functions simultaneously with a track capacity of over 100 targets at more than 100 nautical miles.

Our Philosophy

This all-encompassing shield is the philosophy of AEGIS Security & Investigations. Utilizing a proactive and customer-centric management style, we are able to incorporate every resource available to fulfill our client’s security, investigation, training, and consulting needs. We effectively prepare our clients to face the security challenges of the 21st century by analyzing, evaluating, testing, and responding to current security and safety concerns.

Why Contract Security?

Contracting for guards may be less expensive when you take into account salaries, benefits, taxes, insurance, overtime, holidays, uniforming costs, and the costs of preparing and auditing payrolls. Other benefits to the client include more flexibility in the usage of manpower, not having to absorb the cost of recruiting, interviewing, investigating applicant backgrounds, or training.

The President & CEO of AEGIS

Jeff Zisner is a proud Los Angeles native and a graduate of California State University, Northridge with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and Psychology.

Throughout his career, Jeff has dedicated his talents to reinventing the contracted security and investigations industry. His vision is of contracted teams of security and investigative professionals seamlessly integrated with client operations by focusing on providing high quality, customer service focused personnel with an emphasis and threat prevention instead of simply reaction.

Jeff began working in the industry as a security officer in 2005. Recognizing, developing, and implementing improvements for the logistical and operational shortfalls at client sites for which he was assigned to lead to his promotion to Operations Manager for a local security firm. After growing the company and streamlining its processes, Jeff left the firm to pursue opportunities as a consultant and surveillance investigator, gaining valuable experience conducting threat assessments, varied types of security operations, and complex investigations.

His credentials also include Bureau of Security & Investigative Services Security Instructor, Private Investigator, board certification as a “Certified Protection Professional” by ASIS, and the FBI’s Infragard Commercial Facilities Sector Coordinator. Resulting from his dedication to Infragard’s mission and his production of high quality training workshops, Jeff was awarded the National Infragard Rookie of the Year Award 2012.

Jeff is the President and CEO of AEGIS, specializing in high-end, customer centric security, investigation, training and consulting services. Jeff can still be found in the field managing complex investigations and large scale events when he isn’t busy conducting security assessments, conducting training programs, or managing the day-to-day business of his firm.

AEGIS Security & Investigations: Our mission is to identify, meet, and exceed our clients’ security, investigation, training, and consulting expectations.