Why Hire A Security Expert to Analyze Your Security Plan?

Why Hire A Security Expert to Analyze Your Security Plan?

Should you hire a security expert to analyze your security plan? If you have to ask, you already know the answer… You should always consult an expert on something as high-priority as security and safety. Whether it’s working with AEGIS or another qualified consultant, conducting a security assessment is an actual opportunity to maximize the safety of your assets, clients, executives, personnel, events, neighbors, family, community and so on. Contracting a security expert to analyze your security plan is a no lose situation which pays immeasurable dividends. These benefits can be broken down into four main sections: nothing to lose, protection against liability, proactive risk mitigation, and peace of mind.

  1. Nothing to Lose

As a business owner, executive, or community manager you really have nothing to lose by bringing in a security expert to analyze your security plan. You’ve already gone through the trouble of creating the plan, now it’s time to make sure that plan works. The best way to do this is to have a security expert, like those at AEGIS Security & Investigations, to put your plan through the wringer and make sure it not only holds up against basic threats, but also that it contains enough effective contingencies to protect you against major threats. The reason you can never lose is either find out the flaws and vulnerabilities in your plan and find out how to fix them or you find out your plan is effective and your assets are as safe as they can be.

  1. Protection Against Liability 

We live in a litigious society and whenever something goes wrong you can count the seconds before a lawsuit is filed. You need to make sure you are covered if and when something unfortunate happens. Should someone breach your security and injure a client, employee, or resident; you are going to need to prove in court that you did everything you could to reasonably prevent it from happening. Simply having a security plan is not always enough of defense. Whereas having a security plan analyzed, assessed, and improved by a security expert has a much better chance of protecting you from liability. When it’s up for legal debate, you can state you did everything you could possibly do to prevent injury or damage and sometimes bad things happen despite our best efforts to prevent them. However, you will need proof of your efforts and having a written summary or report on file can serve that purpose.

  1. Proactive Risk Mitigation

When you construct a security plan, you are building a strategy to protect your assets from the risks you anticipate. When a security expert devises a security plan, they account for almost every likely threat based on years of knowledge and experience providing protection for similar businesses, residences, or communities. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know – you would never give yourself medical advice, so why would you give yourself security advice. Our security consultants at AEGIS have decades of relevant risk assessment and prevention knowledge at their disposal. They are going to see gaps in your security plan that you would never even think of because you’re not aware of the creative ways today’s criminals attempt to circumvent security systems. Furthermore, you might properly identify a security risk, but might choose the wrong way to address that vulnerability. The goal of a security plan is for it to be effective and protect your patrons, personnel, and property. This is not the time to jam square pegs into round holes. Let our security experts give you expert security guidance.

  1. Peace of Mind

You should always be alert and ready to react to a threat. That does not mean you should let paranoia or fear consume you. However, that can happen when you don’t have an effective security plan or don’t know if your plan is effective. Imagine the emotional strain it puts on employees and clients to be in an environment in which they don’t feel protected. Imagine the exhaustion constantly worrying about the safety of your assets would put on you. There’s no reason for anyone to suffer in this fashion. It isn’t good for productivity, morale, or revenue. That alone should be a good enough reason to allow a security expert to analyze your security plan. Imagine the sense of ease you could give your employees by telling them either, “A security expert believes they are safe,” or “A security expert is helping us address gaps in our plans so we can ensure you are safe.” That builds trust, which in turn raises morale, and ultimately produces capital.

So don’t look at hiring a security expert to analyze your security plan as a cost. It’s not. See it for the worthwhile investment that it is.