When should you hire security for your business? Spoiler alert: if you have to ask…

When should you hire security for your business? Spoiler alert: if you have to ask…

When should you hire security for your business? It’s a question many business owners and executives need answered. AEGIS’ professional recommendation is if you don’t have any security programs, policies, procedures, training, or staff, then you’ve left yourself and your company vulnerabile to just about every vulnerability known in the modern world. You need to act and improve your security right away. If you have done some of these things, they should be evaluated right away. If you have done all of these things, have you tested them via a pen test? If not, you should. In reality, the right time to hire security for your business is when you have a physical, publicly listed, publicly accessible location that is a target which can be made less vulnerable by having on-site security. It’s never too early to hire security to protect you, your assets, you clients, and your employees. However, it certainly can be too late, as is often the case.

The question business owners and executives should really be asking is, “How much security do I need?” The answer to that question is never “none.” Security is a necessity and a worthwhile investment for any business. Let’s be honest. Your business is your income, your livelihood, the way you feed your family, and keep a roof over their heads. Protecting that needs to be a top priority (if not THE top priority) and the most effective way to cross that task off your to-do list is to hire a professional security company.

AEGIS Security & Investigations has experience building and executing security plans for businesses of all sizes. We understand that one size does not fit all and we custom tailor all of our services to your specific needs. It’s why we offer and recommend that every business starts their relationship with us by enlisting our services for a risk & vulnerability assessment. This gives us a chance to examine your business and make suggestions based on our decades of combined security and logistics experience.

Once an assessment is complete we can guide you through the most pressing security needs for your business. For some businesses, a closed circuit security camera system which we monitor remotely via our Los Angeles based global security operations center could be enough. For others, achieving adequate security may require boots on the ground. In that case it’s a matter of determining which boots fit best and how many feet you have. We offer bodyguards (executive protection or close protection agents for those industry folks), security guards (both armed and unarmed), and off-duty/retired police officers. There are also passive options such as decoy patrol vehicles which are available and are the proper solution for some businesses.

Again, this is a custom fit and finding the right fit for your business is the most important aspect to hiring a security company. Adding cameras or alarms just because may make you feel as though your business is safer, but without consultation from a professional you may just be spending money to put your mind at ease without actually further protecting your assets. When it comes to adding security to your business all of the age old adages apply:

-You get what you pay for.

-If you’re going to do something, do it right.

-Measure twice, cut once.

-A job done poorly is a job not done at all.

-You get the point!

We understand for small, family-owned businesses, hiring a security company may seem like a big expense. It is – and we recognize that. We don’t want to spend our clients’ money any more than we want to spend our own. It may even seem like an unnecessary expense that really should be looked at like an insurance policy rather than a service. However, as security experts we also understand the need to protect the method in which our clients’ make that money. A small percentage off your top-line is worth ensuring the safety of your bottom-line. 

Security is not an expense. It is an investment. When you invest in security for your business you are being “dollar smart.” Not only are you protecting yourself and your income, but you also portray a perception. 

Hiring security for your business signals to your clients that what you offer is worth being protected. It is a signal to your employees that they are worth being protected. It can be an affordable expense that makes sense and makes you look proactive and valuable. When it comes down to brass tax, that’s a budget-line worth adding to your debits.