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What we learned from the cannabis dispensary being robbed in Los Angeles – Security is NEEDED.

Los Angeles police SWAT surrounded a reportedly unlicensed Tarzana marijuana dispensary for hours the evening of Oct. 22 after responding to an armed robbery/hostage-situation call. The conclusion: the alleged four robbery suspects were nowhere to be found and the pot shop stands to be potentially shut down. Read the full story from CBS. AEGIS has […]

How to Keep Your Teen Safe ONLINE

At AEGIS, we talk a lot about teen safety. Because teenagers are the next round of adults, we believe they need to be the most prepared for personal safety needs and tactics to ensure just that. Just this week, Instagram surpassed Snapchat as the leading social media app for teen use. Instagram allows users to […]

Women’s Personal Safety in a World of #MeToo

Women’s Personal Safety The #MeToo movement has sparked attention to the shockingly repetitive stories that many women share of harassment, assault, sexual assault, and other crimes, that often go unreported. The sheer volume of these incidents is staggering and the attention they receive is amazingly low. Since October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, […]