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Cannabis Security Company West Hollywood

Security staff are intricately important to a cannabis dispensary or cannabis consumption lounge in West Hollywood. Having quality security staff reflects well on businesses by customers, patients, neighbors, and the public. West Hollywood cannabis businesses are tasked with extra compliance measures in addition to supplying sufficient security staff for their business, like supplying a required […]

A Security Expert’s Guide to Reducing Active Shooter Attacks in America

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Undertaking a challenge so great as to curb gun violence means looking at the problem holistically and rationally. Identifying the root causes, implementing mitigation efforts, and increasing response capability is the trifecta necessary to affect change and reduce the number and impact impact of these incidents. Identifying the […]

Free Active Shooter Training – Emergency Medical Aid – “Until Help Arrives”

Free Active Shooter Training – “Until Help Arrives” is an integral piece for any civilian’s active shooter training tool kit. The FBI’s Active Shooter Incident Report released in April 2019 stated, ” In 2018, citizens risked their lives to safely and successfully end the shootings in five of the 27 active shooter incidents. They saved many lives. […]