Updates from AEGIS

How to Respond to an Active Shooter Threat

In Kansas City, Missouri, a dispatcher’s mistake led to the death of a law enforcement officer on March 6. The other two responding officers were also shot and injured. The incident forces us to look at the importance of reporting location accurately to emergency dispatchers in order to protect and help those on scene as […]

The Best Security Company in Los Angeles

As a Los Angeles security company, we know our clients have many options from which to pick. And we know there are many ways to deter crime. In our opinion, hiring a dedicated Los Angeles security guard is the strongest way to ensure your company, property, staff, and family are safe. Hiring a professional security […]

Keeping the Olympics Safe – Part 2

Every Olympic Games come with unique problems to be addressed, yet all of them encounter similar security concerns and threats. AEGIS Security & Investigations, based in Los Angeles, is keeping a close eye on this year’s Olympic Games as our home city starts planning for its own 2028 Summer Olympics. This article continues an exploration […]