Updates from AEGIS

NBC Taps AEGIS’ CEO Jeff Zisner on How To Secure Unconventional Venues after the Mandalay Bay Shooting

AEGIS Security & Investigations conducts active shooter training programs for civilians in how to prevent, prepare for, and respond in the event of an attack. The October 1st Mandalay Bay shooting that left 59 dead and nearly 530 people injured has offered many lessons for security experts and law enforcement. AEGIS’ own Jeff Zisner, CEO […]

A Bulletproof Backpack/Briefcase Insert That May Save Your Life

AEGIS Security & Investigations knows active shooters. We have tested and researched bulletproof materials, bulletproof glass, and other bulletproof gear. Our experts have developed in-person and online active shooter trainings that cater to all levels within corporations and across a variety of organization types, including education institutions, large businesses and small businesses. While we teach […]

Most Schools Are Not Prepared For An Active Shooter – California State Auditor Report

AEGIS Security & Investigations offers active shooter trainings specifically designed for schools, and since nearly 90 percent of California schools are ill-equipped and under-prepared for active shooter incidents, we are vamping up our mission to educate students, teachers and administrators on the topic. After 1 person was killed and 3 were injured today at a […]