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Cannabis Security Experts – Consultants & Armed/Unarmed Guard Service

Cannabis security experts support cannabis businesses to conform to a patchwork of security regulations that require 100% compliance. AEGIS Security & Investigations, having provided cannabis security consulting services on 170+ California projects to date has created a step-by-step guide to ensure our customers know what they have to do to achieve and maintain compliance. AEGIS […]

Cannabis Security for Dispensaries, Cultivation Operations, Distribution Facilities, & Manufacturing Facilities

AEGIS Security & Investigations is an experienced, licensed, and insured agency that provides consultations and physical security for cannabis businesses throughout Southern California. As a proponent of public safety, and as the state moves into enhanced regulations for licensed marijuana facilities, we find it important to delve into the requirements to ensure everyone is playing […]

Cannabis Security Company Los Angeles

The laws in California have changed immensely, allowing recreational cannabis users to purchase and partake at home. This has translated, of course, to a boom in small and large businesses alike that are subject to strict requirements, including security measures, to even obtain the appropriate licenses and permits. AEGIS Security & Investigations is an experienced, […]