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Looking for a Private Investigator that Accepts Bitcoin? AEGIS Does.

As the value of Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, soared beyond $40,000 businesses of all kinds are positioning themselves to accept the blockchain currency. AEGIS Security & Investigations is well ahead of this curve. Having purchased piforcoins.com back in 2014, the company has accepted cryptos for private investigation services ever since.  Blockchain and investigations in […]

AEGIS Private Investigator Begins Accepting Bitcoin

Sunday, February 16th 2014 Los Angeles, California AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. has acquired www.piforcoins.com and will immediately being offering private investigator services to clients preferring payment with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Private Investigator – AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. is actively engaged in providing investigative services to corporate and private clients. With professional investigators specializing in […]