Private Off Duty Police Officers are the Future of Micro-Community Policing

Private Off Duty Police Officers are the Future of Micro-Community Policing

Crime does not sleep. We see the evidence every day that criminals are willing to strike at all hours of the day, weekends, and holidays. While the threat is persistent, the forces charged with protecting us from criminals and responding to their behavior are becoming increasingly thin. There’s no reason to think the shrinking of police departments’ budgets and resources will not continue as public safety is “defunded” or “re-imagined” forcing businesses, private estates, and HOAs to form micro-community policing plans. In California many smaller cities were already struggling to hire police officers due to non-competitive salaries and constantly growing CalPERS (the mandatory public employee retirement fund) payment obligations.

So what should you do if your local police department starts making cuts, freezing budgets, and limiting overtime? Why not hire your own private police force of off duty officers specifically and solely dedicated to protecting you home, business, or community? It may sound impossible at first, but this is a very real possibility and AEGIS Security & Investigations can help you staff your off duty officer and retired police force.

AEGIS employs many off duty police officers who are either retired or looking to earn income in their off hours. All of these skilled professionals have undergone all of the mandatory training and background checks needed to become a sworn officer of the law. Most frequently take courses and complete additional training to ensure they are up to date and on the cutting edge of law enforcement and crime fighting tactics and technology. Best of all, they’re available to protect you regardless of the city’s or county’s budget.

There are many benefits to employing your own set of retired/off-duty officers and many of these benefits apply even when the police department is fully staffed and fully funded. 

This starts with immediacy. When there is a crime in progress, an emergency, or a threat on your property you need someone to respond right away. Unless an officer happens to be right around the corner, odds are a law enforcement response will take at least a couple minutes and that’s when departments are fully staffed. During times of belt-tightening it could be even longer. However, if you have your own off duty police officer on-site, the response is immediate. They can act in real time to protect your business, assets, community, or estate.

Piggybacking on immediacy is urgency or priority. Police departments respond to so many calls for service in a single day, particularly in large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, or Orange County. This forces them to prioritize some calls for help over others. This means while some responses can be quick, others who call for help can wait for hours.

When you have your own private police force this does not happen. You are the priority. AEGIS’ retired/off-duty officers are ready to jump into action whenever you need help to ensure the safety of your employees, clients, neighbors, or family. Whether it’s shoplifting, jockey-boxing, or the presence of a suspicious person: no situation plays second fiddle to someone else’s needs. 

Another benefit is rapport. When dealing with a local police department, the odds are you will not know the dispatcher you speak to or the police officer who responds. This makes it easy for people to feel they are not being taken seriously or as though they are being dismissed because their situation is not a high enough priority. This can fuel distrust, which helps no one. With AEGIS retired/off-duty officers you will have a personal relationship with the people protecting you every day. This allows open and honest communication which fosters a culture of caring, meaning you know your officers are committed to your needs.

Again, these are all benefits that exist even when times are good. In eras of economic uncertainty when budgets cuts are looming and more people out of work are growing increasingly desperate to provide by any means — these benefits are highlighted to the enth degree. That’s why our clients tend to be proactive in contracting for private off duty police officers. 

Should a local police department cut budgets or staffing or overtime, the supply and demand dynamic of private police will be thrown out of equilibrium. Those who already have agreements in place for AEGIS’ off duty/retired police officers will be in the best position to reap the benefits and prevent crime. Whether you are in Sacramento, San Diego, or Los Angeles or in smaller cities like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, or Malibu, take advantage of this opportunity to make your business, estate, or community safer today and secure dedicated staff for your private micro-community policing plan before it’s too late.