Physical Security Penetration Testing – It’s just like Cyber Pen Tests, but more dangerous.

Physical Security Penetration Testing – It’s just like Cyber Pen Tests, but more dangerous.

Security versus criminals has been an ongoing cat and mouse game since the beginning of civilization. Criminals elevate their abilities to conquer more sophisticated security systems while developers create improved security systems to stymie increasingly effective criminals; and the cycle goes on and on. So, how do you make sure your security (cyber or physical) is up to the task of keeping the savviest of criminals at bay? The answer is regular penetration testing aka pen tests or red teaming. 

In today’s technological and virtual world pen tests are typically conducted in cyber security circles. Essentially companies hire hackers to break into their system in as many ways as possible. Coders then reverse engineer the hacks to make sure those gaps in their security are filled. The reality though is even in a growing virtual world we still need physical security too, and running penetration tests on these systems is just as valuable.

The benefits of conducting a physical security test are endless, but for the purposes of this post I’m going to stick to the big three: anticipation, proactivity, and clear conscience. This is what AEGIS Security & Investigations provides our clients after conducting a pen test and helping them strengthen their security.

Remember that cat and mouse game and continuing cycle of sophistication from earlier in the post? All of that is built entirely on anticipation. Security systems need to win that game and always be one step ahead of those seeking to breach them. This means people developing and executing security devices, strategies, and operations that need to anticipate how one might attempt to breach their perimeter and inner security measures. 

The purpose of a security pen test is to help you anticipate your vulnerabilities before they are exposed. If a hired-hand beats your security, it’s okay. There’s no shame in admitting a gap exists. At least you did the red team exercise and can now correct the issue before it leads to negative consequences for your employees, clients, or assets. This is truly the chief benefit of a physical security penetration test. 

Which brings us straight into proactivity. When you conduct a red team exercise on your physical security systems and strategies, you are proactively protecting your assets, clients, and employees; not to mention your reputation. Whenever a security system is breached there is a perception that the flaw or gap should have been foreseen. Companies that conduct regular penetration tests have the PR capital of being able to say they take security seriously enough to allow experts to exploit it for the sake of improvement. 

No one one can find fault in this, which makes it a no-brainer investment. This worst possible outcome is AEGIS security experts find massive gaps in your security which we can then help you to fill. The best case scenario is your security is so good we can’t find a single flaw and we go home.

This is where the clear conscience comes into play. No matter the outcome of the physical security penetration test you get to walk away with the knowledge you need to adequately protect your business. If there are flaws and gaps in your security we can help you fix them which allows you to know experts are now at the helm. If there are no gaps you can rest assured your assets, clients, employees, buildings, and/or events are safe and secure.

Essentially, conducting a physical security penetration test is the same as going to the doctor for a regular check-up. Through anticipation and a proactive approach your doctor can catch small problems before they become big problems. Whether you’re given a clean bill of health or a prescription, you get to walk away knowing you’re either healthy or about to become healthy. It’s a no-lose proposition and an investment you’ll never regret, particularly since the physical losses that can be be incurred by an incident are potentially dangerous.