OSHA Requirements for Active Shooter Training & Emergency Response Training

OSHA Requirements for Active Shooter Training & Emergency Response Training

At this moment OSHA does not have stringent requirements for workplace violence prevention, active shooter, or emergency response training… Yet. However, due to the rising number of cases of workplace violence situations, it is likely OSHA will make massive additions based on its mandate, in particular, active shooter training.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a unique government agency because it can function autonomously and initiate rule changes whenever they please. Every employer must be vigilant and prepared to adapt should safety code changes come down the pike. The best way to do this is to proactively analyze trends and bolster your employee safety training accordingly. 

For this reason, it is imperative that employers get ahead of the changes and provide workplace violence prevention, active shooter response, and emergency management training to their staff now. Doing so will provide several benefits to your business when OSHA does implement requirements. 

The first of these benefits is your business will become the OSHA standard. When implementing new safety training requirements, OSHA will often look at industry best practices and find companies after which to model their policies. Forming an ongoing working relationship with a reputable security and emergency management company like AEGIS Security & Investigations is a model even a bureaucratic agency such as OSHA can appreciate.

The next benefit is the recurring nature of OSHA training requirements. OSHA requires many forms of safety training to be administered on a regular basis. Usually either annual or in service training will likely be required to ensure employees are adequately prepared to protect themselves from workplace violence and respond to an emergency.

Once OSHA puts this requirement on the books, every company in America will be scrambling to hire active shooter training experts and emergency management instructors offering suitable training. This means the demand will skyrocket while the supply remains relatively minimal. It doesn’t take an economics professor to know this will cause the cost of OSHA approved emergency response training to rise dramatically while delays will result in longer lead times to receive it.

However, should you already have active shooter training on a recurring basis with AEGIS, your price is fixed and your schedule is guaranteed. This is the cost benefit of being proactive and one step ahead of OSHA. Change is expensive, but when you limit your exposure to change, you also limit the cost – and reduce your risk.

Cost leads us directly to another often overlooked benefit of proactively adding active shooter and emergency response training courses to your employee’s routine professional development schedule. This benefit is liability protection. While liability protection and cost may not seem like a true connection, we can assure you the two go hand-in-hand.

Even if OSHA doesn’t implement emergency response training requirements for a few years, you can still be held liable for damages resulting from an emergency should it be determined you did not provide your employees with adequate training based on foreseeable risk. The money you will have to pay in judgements or legal settlements will be far more costly than any training ever would. Through implementing your own active shooter training and emergency response training requirements and contracting a qualified company like AEGIS to teach your team, you are paying for liability protection. Some would say such a luxury is too valuable to give it a price tag.

This is why proactively adding courses to your employee safety training is an investment; not a cost. It gives you legal cover, protects you from increasing costs, and buys you favor with the feds should requirements become more stringent. There is no downside to being prepared, nor is there any downside to being ahead of the curve. 

Not to mention hiring a trusted security company like AEGIS to teach your employees how to prevent and respond to an emergency can potentially save their lives one day. That alone makes this investment one worth making. All of the other gains we mentioned are purely the icing on top of the cake.