Investigative Services for Attorneys

Investigative Services for Attorneys

Private investigators are useful in a variety of situations, but many professionals are unaware of how they can best utilize PI services. Attorneys are one particular professional class with an array of effective uses for private investigation services. The hiring of a PI can actually bolster the probability of an attorney successfully presenting their client’s case and emerging victorious. The key is understanding the capabilities of private investigators and know which of their services can be most helpful to you.

The three savviest ways to utilize private investigator services are to apply surveillance, compile photo evidence, discover intelligence, and uncover witnesses. These particular PI services are helpful for attorneys because they create an expansion of reach and scope normally unobtainable to a legal team confined to an office. 

Acknowledging the realities of the profession is what separates the great attorneys from the rest of the pack. Admitting you are one person with a particular expertise and recruiting someone skilled in the arts of using technology, skip tracing, surveillance, intelligence gathering, report writing, and pavement pounding allows you to present a more robust case.

Starting with surveillance, the benefits an attorney receives from hiring a private investigator are easily evident on the surface. It doesn’t matter what university issued your J.D., or if you have a winning record in the courtroom. Attorneys, just like the rest of us, can only be in one place at one time. Simply hiring a private investigator for surveillance purposes doubles the number of places you can be at once. This means your odds of obtaining evidence just doubled.

Now toss in the added bonus that a private investigator can be deposed and testify in court. Anything they see in a public setting is fair game. It can be as simple as witnessing a person filing a personal injury suit playing basketball or a defendant claiming to be broke driving a fancy car and living in a beautiful neighborhood. They have eyes, they can take an oath, and they can certainly bear witness in a courtroom. Score that one for the attorney wise enough to hire the PI.

Speaking of obtaining evidence, surveillance needs to be documented, which means if your PI sees evidence supporting your claim, you’re sure to get a photo (if not a video). The old saying says a picture is worth a thousand words and if that photo happens to show proof of infidelity or illegal activity, it’ll be worth a heck of a lot more than just words in a court of law. This type of evidence gathering is a full-time operation and attorneys simply don’t have time to do it themselves.

Visuals are only the beginning of the evidence a private investigator can obtain for you. They can take the time to pound the pavement, knock on doors, round up witnesses, and dig into social media. Most witnesses don’t come forward on their own, especially not in civil cases when everyone wants to mind their own business. However, after being informed the issue is going to court, some might be willing to be deposed.  

Finding these individuals is a grind. Again, it’s work an attorney typically will not have time to do. This makes hiring a private investigator an easily justifiable cost to your client, because it means building a better foundation for their argument. Truthfully, you’re paying to increase your odds of success. That’s not a cost. That’s an investment. 

Utilizing private investigation services should always be viewed by attorneys in this light. The private investigators at AEGIS Security & Investigations are skilled professionals with vast knowledge of the legal system. They are well aware of what they can and can not do. When working for an attorney they are legally, morally, and otherwise obligated to conduct themselves in a professional manner and only acquire evidence which is admissible in court. 

Considering all the factors, benefits, and virtually non-existent risks you can see why hiring an AEGIS private investigator can be helpful to an attorney. It’s a no-loss proposition with the potential to put you and your client on the winning side.