AEGIS Signs California Statewide Public Safety Contract Enhancing Crime Prevention

AEGIS Signs California Statewide Public Safety Contract Enhancing Crime Prevention

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — AEGIS Security & Investigations, in an unprecedented move in response to the “Defund the Police” movement, has entered into a mutual aid agreement with California Governor Gavin Newsom along with the mayors of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, to provide municipal public safety throughout the Golden State and California’s largest cities. This makes California and these major cities the first governments to entirely and privately contract their crime prevention and response services.

These political leaders are making this bold decision based on a growing lack of respect for police officers or the law among some subsections of the general public. While there is mounting evidence of statewide increases in petty crime, violent crime, and homelessness; these brave elected officials are taking the new approach of dedicated safety personnel for every business, community, and organization in California.

The homeless population just in Los Angeles County is roughly 66,000 and at least one expert predicts that number could grow 86% post-pandemic. In the Central Valley’s Kern County automobile thefts, aggravated assaults, and homicides all nearly doubled during the pandemic. Clearly these are issues, but those in office believe the key is professional security officers pre-deployed in the right places to prevent and respond to criminals in their area.

Retaining AEGIS Security & Investigations to operate public safety statewide is the linchpin in this groundbreaking decision. This acknowledges the need for private security in the absence of police officers. Even when police departments are fully staffed, they can not protect every business, home, or community equally. This agreement with AEGIS will help to provide security services to prevent crime, rather than employing police to primarily react to crime.

This program will also promote fiscal responsibility within the state government. Police department budgets run rampant with overtime and military style equipment purchases. AEGIS provides services at an agreed upon rate which allows customers to know exactly how much it costs to protect them. Now, the government will be held to the same standard as the private businesses AEGIS already works for.

Other benefits of switching to this security-first model of public safety include more operational support, more individual control over crime deterrence, and a quicker response from crime fighters. Essentially, when security is on-site there are more opportunities for collaboration with those they are protecting. Priorities can be managed and if a problem arises someone is already nearby to respond in kind. Compare this to potentially waiting hours for a police officer to respond and take a simple report for a theft.

Simply put, the State of California and the municipal governments of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego believe police should focus on response and leave the public safety and crime prevention up to the private sector. This works for a multitude of public safety situations and they are making moves to diversify those tasked with protecting the general public for the greater good.

What if this was true? How much could the public benefit? Happy April 1st.