Criminal Investigations

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    Business Intelligence

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  • Family Law Investigations
    Family Law Investigations

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    Process Service

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    Background Checks

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  • Mobile and Stationary Surveillance
    Mobile and Stationary Surveillance

AEGIS Security & Investigations specializes in high end, customer service focused security, investigative, training, and consulting solutions. Since our inception in 2007, our goal has been to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We accomplish this by actively utilizing both internal and external active management techniques and focusing our services tuned to our clients’ hierarchy of needs, resulting in a high quality service our clients and employees appreciate and respect.

AEGIS Security & Investigations conducts criminal investigations, often resulting in evidence and intelligence that aids our clients in mounting a defense against in criminal charges or allowing our clients to file charges. We provide custom solutions created for each client. Our goal is to provide a high return on investment by providing high quality, efficient, and effective services, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Services include:

  • Surveillance & counter surveillance
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Interviews of witnesses
  • Civil and criminal investigation research, pre-litigation investigation, legal preparation
  • Courtroom statements and expert witness testimony
  • Taking legal statements and declarations
  • Subpoena service, legal and critical document delivery
  • Electronic eaves dropping detection (debugging) of both covert audio and camera equipment
  • Extensive civil and criminal background searches including but not limited to: misdemeanors, felonies, infractions, domestic violence, non-violent and violent crimes, property ownership, current and historical addresses, date of birth, aliases (aka), marriage records, divorce records, birth and death records, relatives search, neighbors search, fictitious business names (DBAs), limited liability partnerships, corporate records, tax liens, notice of default, state issued licenses (most states), sex offender check, social networking information which may include Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, etc, real-time booking information, arrest & incarceration information, phone number locate, reverse phone number trace

Clients may include:

  • Individuals and families
  • Protected and discriminated classes
  • Attorneys and law firms
  • Businesses
  • Corporations, investment firms and partnerships

AEGIS Security & Investigation: Our mission is to identify, meet, and exceed our clients’ security, investigation, training, and consulting expectations.