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AEGIS Security & Investigations conducts corporate security training and produces professional development workshops designed to enhance our corporate security training programs. Our instructors are professionals with education and experience in business, homeland security, criminal justice, psychology, licenses including Private Patrol Operator and Private Investigator, and certifications including Certified Protection Professional, Certified Forensic Interviewer, Certified Safety Professional, and Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Workplace Violence & Security Awareness
Duration: 2-8 hours

The cornerstone of our program is our workplace violence, security awareness, and pre-incident indicators program. This course is designed to provide information on how identify, predict, mitigate and respond to workplace violence, crime, and terrorism.  Case studies include employee termination, discrimination and sexual harassment to reporting suspicious activities, target hardening and threat management. This class will give the attendees the straight “scoop” on what to do and how to act. Statistical information regarding violent crimes in the United States is provided as an information source for understanding the rising tide of violence.

Introduction to Active Shooters
Duration: 1-4.5 hours

This 1-4.5 hour introduction is an overview of workplace violence and terrorism as relates to client sites for identifying  mitigating and responding to the active shooter threat. Our program will encompass the following:

  • Introduction and definition of active shooters and workplace violence
  • Overview of significant prior incidents as case studies and the pre-incident indicators to the acts
  • A review of situational awareness
  • Analysis of the potential M.O.s relative to the various environments
  • A guided discussion of the potential actions to take during an active shooter incident and the expectation of success in selection those actions
  • What to expect from the law enforcement response

Cross Training Employees With Security Best Practices
Duration: 4 hours

This 4 hour course provides an overview of security guard best practices, helping auxiliary employees act as force multipliers to enhance security both passively and when necessary.

Emergency Evacuation, Shelter in Place and Lock Down Drills
Duration: 2-4 hours

Designing and conducting emergency evacuation, shelter in place, and lock down drills for the purpose of policy and implementation improvement. Based on client need, the approach can be designed for an all hazards response or a specific response including but not limited to active shooter, explosive, chemical or biological agent, or natural disaster.

Conducting Internal Investigations
Duration: 2-4 hours

This 2-4 hour introduction to conducting investigations includes intelligence gathering, conducting surveillance, taking statements, writing reports,  case studies including theft, discrimination, harassment and fraud.

Corporate Fraud & Theft
Duration: 2-4 hours

This 2-4 hour workshop includes a historical overview of fraud and theft how it pertains to both the individual and the business. Topics of discussion include inventory control, combating various forms of fraud (check, cash, credit, time clock, compensation, etc), as well as personal vulnerabilities.

AEGIS Security & Investigations: Our mission is to identify, meet, and exceed our clients’ security, investigation, training, and consulting expectations.