Standing Security Audit

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The government calls it red cell operations, companies call it quality assurance, auditing, screening and performance evaluations, we call it:


 AEGIS Security & Investigations believes businesses and individuals shouldn’t compromise their safety and security plan exposing risk to themselves or the public. AEGIS provides field trained, incident tested, experienced security consultants to conduct a full overt and covert security audit of our clients’ current security plan and will create a categorized and easy to follow report for perspective clients seeking AEGIS to provide guard services.

The findings are documented in a report which is categorized by three levels:

GREEN – The current security framework is generally acceptable by industry standards such as: effective and proper use of security techniques, secure facilities/access control, professionalism, and a well executed security plan.

YELLOW – The current security framework has minor or elevated issues that could be detrimental to the limitation of liability, impede risk management, or affect contract stability. Examples may include: customer service issues, potential safety hazards, exploitable gaps in security operations, observational training deficiencies, improper use of equipment, excessive cell phone or computer use, breach of client policy and unprofessionalism.

RED – The current security framework has severe issues that could immediately affect liability, can be considered dangerous or negligent, or compromises safety or security of people or property. Examples may include: improper use of batons, mace/oc spray, handcuffs, or firearms, excessive use of force, visible impairment that may be attributable to intoxication or substance abuse, dereliction of duty, observation of misdemeanors or felonies, safety hazards, and clearly visible gaps in security operations.

We will make observations and develop explanations of concerns we determine fall within a yellow or red category, clients are notified and given the option to purchase the detailed report with the subsequent analysis at which time our consultants will discuss the findings, recommendations, and solutions.

AEGIS Security & Investigations: Our mission is to identify, meet, and exceed our clients’ security, investigation, training, and consulting expectations.