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    Certified and Licensed Experts
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AEGIS Security & Investigations specializes in high end, investigative, training, and consulting solutions. Since our inception, our goal has been to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Companies can minimize liability to their operations and risk to the staff and property by conducting a full analysis of their policies and procedures. AEGIS employs a range of all hazards techniques and tools to observe, orient decide and act deployable plans that enable our clients to remain safe and secure. AEGIS Security Consultants can deploy around the world in support of government agencies, corporate and commercial organizations, and non profits. We specialize in enhancing our security guard service programs by providing value added security consulting and target hardening services.

Risk Management Consulting:

AEGIS Risk Management consultants first analyze our client’s operations including the impact from their locations, supply chain, travel, infrastructure, logistics, finances, and staff. All hazards threat management, potential losses and operational failures are extrapolated to determine the where efforts must be made to harden the potential target. Our risk management solutions are designed around the specific needs of individual client and are implemented to mitigate and minimize risk.

Intelligence Gathering:

AEGIS Investigators support intelligence gathering for corporate entities positioning themselves for mergers, takeovers, and expanding operations in seasoned and emerging markets. Both on the ground and by conducting thorough research, AEGIS Security Consulting clients are better prepared to face the challenges presented by the current economic landscape.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Surveys:

AEGIS Security Consultants deploy industry leading technology to conduct bug sweeps in support of government agencies, corporate and commercial organizations, and private individuals. Our analysis includes counter measures against traditional and state of the art eavesdropping and data skimming devices.

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